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Good Vibes Kit

We cannot say how thrilled we are to partner with BON V!V to create an incredible bundle to brighten your days at home! 


Thanks to BON V!V we’re donating 100% of sales - Yes. Every. Single. Dollar from the sale of this Good Vibes Kit will be donated to CARE and their efforts to combat COVID-19 in vulnerable communities around the world. Each kit comes with a gift card for $20 to so you can enjoy a delicious BON V!V while you enhance your life at home. We were so flattered they reached out to us to create a way to bring you a little something special while we’re all doing our part to keep our communities, and our world safe by staying home. We’re thankful to them for shining a light on a female-owned business and giving us an opportunity to do what we love while we do some good. Together we will get through this!


MiniBar Code subject to availability in your locality.


Here’s what in your bundle:

Molly Smudge Spray perfect for cleansing your energy and creating a zen environment

OAK Bath Bomb

Soprano Labs Facial Scrub

Our best selling Hensley Asher Sea Salt Sage Perfume Roll On Oil

Handcrafted and locally made soap for smooth and silky skin

Good Vibes Kit