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The Lamare | The Book of You & Me

Why start a couple journal? 
Learn something new about each other
Discover how you see the future dream life together
Find new ways to make your relationship flourish
Reminisce + connect through your shared memories

Question examples: 
Is there a memory of your partner that always makes you laugh? 
If you were in control of evolution, what extra ability would you give humans and why? 
Name three important things, big or small, that are on your “must do” list for this year
What is one quirk about your partner that you have come to love? 

365 Daily Questions 
Faux Leather Hardcover
100gsm Paper FSC Certified
Sewn Binding 
Ribbon Bookmark
A5 size (8.2 x 5.7’’)

The Lamare | The Book of You & Me